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About Us

The Author that cares.

I’m Larisa A. Routie. I came to the USA to live the American dream. I am a proud single mother with my own clothing line, catering, event, and marketing firm, as well as experience as a TV and radio host. Now, I am also an author.

I wrote this book in the hope that it may serve as a resource for many young girls throughout the world who are still searching for their place. When it comes from our close ones, we often fail to recognize toxicity and bad energy. I hope you find some knowledge inside the pages of my books and from the personal stories I share in them. You can also contact me by clicking the button below. I’d love to hear from you. You can leave feedback, ask a question, or just talk about anything.

What Clients Say.

"A fantastic read that you would find difficult to put down. If you like reading about Women empowerment or feminism and the story inside, this is the book for you."

Paul Jefferson

"This book is really amazing! Don’t miss out on the excellent read of fantastic advice to young girls and experienced women alike to make them see their true worth."

Helen Reeves

"Extremely impressed with the author! The author is very open to write the suggestions for women empowerment and betterment for her readers. As she believes every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up."

Oliver Dixon