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Larisa A. Routie

Hello readers, welcome to the official website for Chick’s B4 D?ck’s! I’m so delighted you came across my website. Here you will find all the latest information and news about my book and the world of Larisa Routie.

My book is about my experiences and helping others who go through the same thing. I have been an all-in-one person who has held so many responsibilities and served in many areas of work. My experiences both in my personal and professional life made me stronger and I just want to share that with my readers. Read more about my book and what being Larisa is all about.

Larisa A. Routie

A book about sisterhood. An empowered woman empowers women. This book explores the themes of sisterhood, girl code, loyalty, self-betterment, growth, love, and much more. If you are a woman, struggling to keep a balance between your relationship and sisterhood, this book is for you. This book is for every woman who is in search of answers I needed when I was going through the struggles of what I call the turning point of my life. Learn the art of keeping Chick’s B4 D?ck’s and much more in this book from one sister to another.

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"A fantastic read that you would find difficult to put down. If you like reading about Women empowerment or feminism and the story inside, this is the book for you."

Paul Jefferson

"This book is really amazing! Don’t miss out on the excellent read of fantastic advice to young girls and experienced women alike to make them see their true worth."

Helen Reeves

"Extremely impressed with the author! The author is very open to write the suggestions for women empowerment and betterment for her readers. As she believes every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up."

Oliver Dixon
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